Student Council


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Dear Students and Parent/Guardian,

                Next year Mrs. Redford, with the help of Mrs. Combs, and Mrs. Stark, will supervise the Parkside Elementary Student Government for the 2020-2021 school year.  The Student Government will consist of sixth graders only.  We invite all those students that would like to make a difference in our school and promote school spirit, we do not hold elections.

To be on the Student Government you need to complete the following four requirements:

1.       Parent permission email to Mrs. Redford ( recognizing you will be a member of the Student Government, and you will be held to high expectations.

2.       Parent and student recognizing you will miss some limited class time, and need to stay caught up on your schoolwork and be a stellar example of good behavior.

3.       Write an essay and send it to Mrs. Redford ( on why you want to be a member of the Student Government and how you can help benefit the school. Compose a paragraph that is at least five sentences.

4.       You need to have the email essay and parent email to Mrs. Redford by June 30th.


Expectations for Student Government @ Parkside

Members must stay caught up with schoolwork. No more than 4 missing assignments for the 1st quarter, 3 for the 2nd quarter, 1 for 3rd quarter and NO MISSING for the 4th quarter of school.
Members must follow all school rules. If you are sent to the office, or asked to speak with an administrator due to misbehavior, you will automatically be put on probation or removed from Student Government.
Members must be a good example for others to follow.
Members must be friendly and helpful to other students.  We expect our Student Government participants to be a positive influence for Parkside Elementary, with loads of school spirit and school pride.
 Absolutely NO BULLING or disrespectful behavior.      

Sandra Carmony
Parkside Elementary